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Mimoza Bilişim is a digital marketing startup that has been operating with a freelance approach for six years. Now, we aim to position ourselves as an agency in the sector by increasing our income level. Our goal is to become one of the leading SEO agencies first in Turkey, then in Europe and eventually worldwide. This initiative is based on my passion for computer science and the high potential of digital marketing.

Mimoza Bilişim specializes in website design, SEO and digital advertising. We are also working on mobile application and software development projects with our business partners. Thanks to our professional approach and commitment to the ethical values of the industry, we build trust with our customers.

We run our clients’ businesses professionally and smoothly. We offer confidence to our customers by using licensed products and doing work that justifies the fee we receive. We improve ourselves with continuous trainings and follow the innovations in the sector.

Our target market is small, medium and large-sized enterprises in Turkey and around the world. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities offered by the internet, we have a global service area.

Our founder Onur Kalafat graduated from Anadolu University in 2006 and worked as an English teacher in the public sector for 10 years. Since 2016, he has been working in the field of digital marketing. Kalafat realized his first web projects in the 2000s and launched his first website in 2008. Mimoza Bilişim’s team specializes in design, mobile application, SEO, digital advertising and software.

In the short term, we are targeting the earnings profile of an SEO agency and we are thinking about renewing our technological equipment. In the long term, it is difficult to predict what we might face in the financial sphere, but we continue our research.

We are open to angel investors and sensible partnership offers. We plan to use the investments we will receive in our technological development and brand awareness efforts.

In the process of transitioning from freelance work to an agency, we aim to increase our brand awareness and continuously use our customer references. We intend to further develop our expansion plans once we are part of the agency.


Mimoza Bilişim is at the service of all institutions and organizations that need service in digital media.

The services we offer are mainly

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Advertising (Google ADS, META)
  • Software
  • Mobile Application
  • SEO friendly content
  • Graphic design
  • Corporate identity

We are very happy to have gained the trust of more than a hundred institutions and organizations that we have served so far.

Werbung Zeit
Werbung Zeit
onur beye çok teşekkür ediyorum. çalışmalarınızda kolaylıklar diliyorum memnün kaldığımı burdan belirtmek istiyorum
Enver Kenan Argin
Enver Kenan Argin
Isinde cok iyi.Ingilizce konusunda,etkili destek,sagliyor.
Roostam Sargaskayev
Roostam Sargaskayev
Kaliteli işleri ile takip ettiğim bir firm! Çok beğendim!
Emre Emre
Emre Emre
Güvenilir tavsiye ediyorum tüm seo işlemlerimi buradan yaptırıyorum
Proevtaşıma ve Eşya depolama
Proevtaşıma ve Eşya depolama
Proevtasima nakliyat ailesi olarak mimoza bilişim ile çalışmaktayız sayın onur kalafat müsteri temsilcimiz güler yüzlülüğü ile gerçek bize çok yardımcı oldu biz beraber çok güzel işlere imza atık mimoza bilişim ailesine teşekkür ederim
Kadir Sever
Kadir Sever
Ereğli bölgesinde güvenle işlerinizi verebilirsiniz hızlı ve dürüst çalışanlarına teşekkür ederim .
Ali Ufuk
Ali Ufuk
Alanında başarılı SEO uzmanları

Our Targets

Our goals are fully reflected in our results.
  • Ensuring that your website makes more sales

  • Developing your marketing potential and creating innovations

  • Maximizing your company’s visibility on the internet and increasing your sales

  • To show you how your sales increase by providing measurable and visible results.

Our Story


We started to make SEO compatible websites of institutions and organizations.


We intensified our work in the field of SEO.


We worked on international SEO projects.


We became Google partners.