Remarketing and Targeting


We are running amazing remarketing campaigns. We retarget your customers with our remarketing campaigns.

  1. Push notification setup and campaigns
  2. Mailchimp setup and campaigns
  3. Facebook Pixel setup and advertising campaigns
  4. Google analytics and Google Ads optimization
  5. Get at least 3 times what you pay for digital media every month

We worked consistently and got good results


Become a leader by working with us


hours and hours of work, and we got good results. Work with us and become a leader.


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One signal, one of remarketing and targeting tools, gets your website visitor’s permission. And with this permission, it takes note of the “ip” address of the website visitor. Now, with the One Signal tool, you can notify the visitor at any time and invite them to your site again and again.

The One Signal code must be entered into the website in a careful and organized manner.

Skills required:

  1. Basic level HTML, CSS
  2. Use of basic level graphic design tools
  3. Technology literacy or web design knowledge

If you are a business owner in the commercial model, you definitely have a customer database table. We will organize your regular e-mail campaigns to these customers with their permission.

Required Skills:

  1. Create a table with Excel
  2. Basic level graphic design
  3. Basic level (HTML, CSS) code knowledge)

With Facebook pixel setup, you can invite visitors to your website over and over again through META ads.

Required Skills:

  1. Facebook business manager interface information
  2. Basic coding knowledge

With the help of Google ads and other services, you can get in front of visitors to your website again and again. Mimoza Bilişim is doing its best to earn the Google partnership badge in a short time.