SEO Education in Universities: SEO’s Educational Journey from Turkey to the World

In today’s digital age, it is almost impossible to build a successful web presence without search engine optimization(SEO). Many businesses and brands are turning to SEO strategies to increase their online visibility. But SEO is a specialty that can be learned not only through practical experience, but also through in-depth training. So, what are the universities and departments where you can get “SEO training”?

SEO Training in Turkey

Many universities in Turkey offer trainings on digital marketing and SEO. Generally, these trainings take place within Faculties of Communication and Faculties of Business Administration.

SEO education in Turkey may not be offered directly as a department or program. However, many universities include information about SEO in their programs such as digital marketing, media and communication. Some of such programs include.

  1. Boğaziçi University: In the Media and Communication department, information on SEO is mentioned in digital media courses.
  2. Bilgi University Digital Media Design and Communication Design departments offer SEO-specific courses and digital marketing courses.
  3. Kadir Has University: The New Media department within the Faculty of Communication offers courses on SEO and digital marketing.
  4. Istanbul Technical University (ITU): The Media and Communication Systems master’s program focuses on digital marketing and SEO.
  5. Koç University In the Media and Visual Arts department of the Faculty of Communication, SEO content can be found in digital media and marketing courses.
  6. Bahçeşehir University The Media and Communication Systems department addresses SEO issues through digital media courses.

In addition to these, many universities’ Continuing Education Centers (SEM) or Lifelong Education Centers (YBEM) offer short-term certificate programs or courses on topics such as digital marketing, SEO and content management.

If you are aiming to get a direct SEO training, you can also consider courses or training centers that specialize in this field outside of universities.

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SEO Training
SEO Training

SEO Training in the World

Many universities around the world offer SEO training. Some famous universities are:

It should be noted that many universities do not include SEO as a specific department or a full program. Usually these courses are in digital marketing, business or communications.

  1. Stanford University (USA): The digital marketing certificate program includes courses specific to SEO.
  2. Harvard University (USA): Harvard Extension School offers courses on digital marketing. In these courses, SEO is covered in detail.
  3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, USA): UCLA’s continuing education program includes courses on digital marketing and SEO.
  4. University of Michigan (USA): The digital marketing specialization program includes courses on SEO as well as SEM and other online marketing techniques.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA): Sloan School of Management offers courses on digital marketing and SEO.
  6. University of Oxford (UK): Said Business School offers courses on digital marketing strategies and SEO is an important part of these courses.
  7. University of Sydney (Australia): The Business School offers courses on digital marketing. These courses include information about SEO.

Many universities around the world offer trainings on SEO and digital marketing. Universities, especially in the US and Europe, offer serious training programs and certificates in this field. If you would like to get a more in-depth education on this subject, you can visit the websites of the relevant universities to get more detailed information about the course contents and education programs.

Why Should We Get SEO Training?

SEO training helps brands and individuals increase their online visibility. When implemented correctly, SEO allows websites to rank higher in search engine results. You can find detailed information in our article on what is SEO.


Many universities both in Turkey and around the world are aware of the importance of SEO and offer trainings in this field. Getting SEO training is a critical step to stay competitive in the digital age. If you want to exist and succeed in the digital world, you should definitely consider taking SEO training.

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