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Welcome to our article on how to write SEO compatible articles. I am sharing our SEO compatible article example without keeping you waiting. We will do our writing on the article you are reading right now. And we will get full marks with the Yoast SEO plugin. It will also get a full readability score. Also, if you are working in a text editor (Microsoft Word, Pages, Google docs, etc.) you can find it in a separate topic at the end of the topic.

The Most Basic Features of an SEO Compliant Article

This article is written for potential visitors who search for “SEO compatible article“. The target audience for this article is therefore mostly SEO-friendly article writers. For this reason, your keyword must have already been given to you by your SEO expert or editor.

  • SEO compatible article must be written for site visitors
  • Should be written by writers who are interested in the subject
  • The author should add his/her own experience to the article, not just make changes from articles quoted from the internet.
  • The article should be written in an original and unprecedented style for real life

The SEO article writer should start with the main keyword of the article. If this distorts the narrative, it is not 100% necessary as the meaning is more important. Along with this, the keyword should be included exactly in the article title with the h1 tag. The main keyword should also appear in the h2 tag one more time in a 300-word article. The piece must pass through 2 more times. Regarding the keyword ratio, follow this link. The SEO plugin for WordPress sites gives full information on the subject. You will need this information (keyword density) in other content management systems (CMS) or different site infrastructures.

Publish Your Content in Subheadings

In our content, there should be one h1 (h1), that is, title 1 or heading 1 tag, and an h2 tag. There are tags up to h6 that we can use with h3. Search engines consider your titles up to h4 in terms of SEO. In the meantime, try to use more than 1 h2.

For example, the h1 of this article is “SEO Compatible Article“. -also the keyword of the article-. H2 is “The Most Basic Features of SEO Compatible Article”, H3 is “Publish Your Content in Subheadings” and h4 is ….. 🙂

Link Structure in SEO Compatible Article

You should use at least 1 internal link and 1 external link in the SEO compatible article as much as you can. But the link you use should be a link that is more useful to the visitor. If it is not a useful link for the visitor, do not use it. The external link you give is to a site with a high authority score. We will make our internal link to the web page associated with your keyword that is more important to you. You should prefer to open the external link in a side tab. Thus, your visitor will not leave your website completely.

Image Usage in SEO Compatible Article

Take care to use at least 1 image in your articles on your website. Write the alt tag, description, etc. on your images. The name of the image should be the same as the page or post keyword. Also, the images you use on your site should be less than 200 kb in size. You can use Photoshop or the Tiny jpg web tool for downsizing.

Search Engine Friendly Article Length

Limit the length of your article to your knowledge and experience on the topic. In this case there is no problem. An SEO-compliant article is suitable even if it is 250 words, but only if it is a content that best presents the information. Besides, 3000 words is fine. The aim here is to create an article in which the author’s knowledge and experience is used to benefit more visitors.


We should use short and understandable sentences to read your content without boring the user. Especially your first sentence should be very short and concise. This is a fact quoted by the American literary figure Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway talks about the importance of being able to express something in short sentences. On its behalf, there is also a great SEO article tool for SEO article readability. This vehicle is called the Hemingway App. Let’s organize the content we have written so far with Hemingway App.

Using the Hemingway App

First I select and copy all the content we have written. For this I use CTRL – A, CTRL – C and then paste it into the Hemingway App. CTRL – V. Then I will try to bring the readability score down to less than 10. (should be from 10 down, not up to 10)

As you can see from the screenshot below, Hemingway App did not see any problems with our article.

SEO Compatible article
SEO Compatible article

You should also bold or italicize keywords and semantically close words in our article. This Article received a full score from the Yoast WordPress plugin. So what did we use?

  1. We used a table of contents
  2. We started our content with our keyword. (We could have used it in the first paragraph).
  3. We used keywords in the title and h2.
  4. We used keywords in moderation according to the text density within the piece
  5. We have one internal link and one link to an authoritative site.
  6. We have divided the topic into headings
  7. We kept our paragraphs short.
  8. We used an image and gave the image an alt tag. We made the name of the image the same as our keyword.
  9. With the Hemingway APP, we made it easier to read.
  10. We have bolded keywords and some semantically close words.

To Write Search Engine Friendly Articles in Text Editor

For this, it seems sufficient to use the keyword at an average of 5% of the total text. But we use the keyword in at least one of the header and sub-header. However, we will bold the keyword. We can also bold words that are semantically close. We can use words from the Google completion screen in our text.

Your SEO editor will do the linking and some other adjustments for you. Thank you very much for reading our article. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section.

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